Coming November 2015 … Vegan Subway Ad Campaign

Help us put 1,000 informative, creative, and thought-provoking vegan ad posters on the TTC!

Be part of our new Toronto subway ad campaign (including a brand new poster!) This time, we’re reintroducing the popular “Why love one, but eat the other” posters, and adding a separate poster asking the provocative question “Are We Eating Our Planet To Death?

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Toronto Subway Riders Come Face to Face with Farm Animals in the “Why love one but eat the other” TTC subway campaign.

How to be iVegan

Take the vegan challenge! Visit the Toronto Vegetarian Association for vegan lunch ideas and take a look at their Veg Directory for a listing of veg restaurants. Order a free Peta Vegan Starter Kit for an overview and to get started. The renowned Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine also has a Vegan Starter Kit you can view and download on-line.

Why iVegan?

The cruelty that animals raised for food face is shocking. Animal protection groups have documented the conditions in Canada in factory farms, transportation, and slaughterhouses. Mercy for Animals Canada exposed the beating of dairy cows in The Dark Side of DairyToronto Pig Save activists bear witness and give water to desperately thirsty pigs in transport trucks during Toronto’s heat wave.

How can i help?

We vote with our dollars every day. By going vegan, you can support a nonviolent, green, food economy. More than that, it’s also important to be an animal advocate, activist and organizer. The animals, the planet, and the plight of the world hungry need you. See our list of 10 things you can do to help.

Toronto Pig Save

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