Poster Challenge

 Join Our New Poster/Postcard Challenge!

Become a member of our public Vegan Advocacy Community Team!

This is a chance for you to join a huge team of engaged citizens who pledge to put up the posters in our own communities. By postering in our own neighbourhoods, it shows there are people everywhere willing to stand up for abused animals. These small actions add up and, in a profound way, you send our voice, opinion, and actions out into the world to raise awareness and connect with others.

Posters and Postcards

The campaign brings people face-to-face with farmed animals, such as pigs, chickens and cows, and reveal the similarities between animals we call companions and farmed animals who many eat. The ads also expose the shocking cruelty that pigs, chickens, and cows face in factory farms. It challenges people to choose vegan diets and become animal advocates.

We have just received thousands of vivid posters and postcards which are ready to be distributed and placed around our landscape. Are you ready? Do you know others in your circle who can join our Vegan Advocacy Community Team? Take the challenge today!

We will be distributing the 8.5″ X 11″ posters in bundles of 150 – 50 of each the pig,  cow and chicken. Posters can be picked up for free in Toronto (Danforth & Coxwell area) or mailed out for a small fee ($10 in Canada via the Donate page). Postcards (4″ x 6″) can also be picked up at the same time.

To join the poster  challenge email, with the subject line “Poster Challenge” or use our contact form.

Thank you to HeartCoeur, for choosing as your Charm Over Harm partner for the last quarter of 2014, and  for funding the printing of the these postcards and posters!

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