About “iVegan”

Our goals are for people to start on the pathway towards an ethical, cruelty-free, green and healthy vegan diet and lifestyle. Every step counts: from meatless Mondays, to going veg, to taking the clean protein route of veganism and finally, animal activism. We hope that you will not only go vegan, but also be an animal rights activist and organizer and help others go cruelty free. We all need to work together to expand the circle of compassion amongst our family, friends and strangers we encounter to turn the world into a nonviolent, ethical, environmentally sound, and healthy planet!

Toronto Vegan SAVE Door-to-Door

We are launching a major door-to-door canvassing campaign starting on Earth Day – April 22, 2016. We call this campaign our Toronto Vegan SAVE campaign because of how many important things adopting a vegan lifestyle actually saves. We will be providing the households with a comprehensive leaflet that showcases both the why and how to adopt a vegan lifestyle. The whys include saving practically everything on our planet that is most precious and important including the animals, our health, the Earth and our conscience (see leaflet cover page in the sidebar). The hows include vegan sources of vegan protein and vitamins and a ton of vegan resources to get more information including books, films, websites and local vegan businesses.

To sweeten the deal, we offer each households a delicious vegan cookie from Sweets from the Earth. We also provide awesome coupons including 20% vegan belts from Truth Belts, a free Smoothie from Rawlicious, a free streaming gift code for Cowspiracy and much, much more!

If the households want even more, we got that covered too. We have thousands of copies of the Glass Walls DVD that PETA generously donated. We also have thousands of copies of vegan reference material provided by both PETA and the Toronto Vegetarian Association with even more exciting how-tos and delicious vegan recipes.

There are so many important reasons to go vegan we are confident that many households will find at least one important reason to consider the lifestyle change. We plan to visit approximately 50,000 households in the High Park and Riverdale neighbourhoods and depending on funding may be able to extend this exciting campaign into the Summer in new neighbourhoods in the GTA!

This door-to-door campaign would not have been possible without the efforts of a dedicated team who worked hard to pull it all together, including:

TTC Campaign

The “Why love one but eat the other?” iVegan.ca TTC ad campaign ran in Toronto subways in the fall of 2014 and 2015.  Toronto Pig Save, with the support of individual donors and foundations, re-launched this ad series to draw attention to the similarities between animals we call companions and farmed animals many call “dinner”. The subway ad campaign asked the question “Why love one but eat the other?” The ads also exposed the shocking cruelty that the pig, chicken, and cow face on today’s factory farms. It was a call to action for people to choose a vegan diet. Toronto Pig Save re-introduced this public transit campaign, after innovators introduced this awesome, life-altering campaign beginning in 2011 (see history).

This TTC campaign would not have been possible without the efforts of a dedicated team who worked hard to pull it all together, including:

  • Campaign coordination: Anita Krajnc, Lisa Kramer, Edina Racz and Susan Banks
  • TTC Posters and other design: Edina Racz
  • Website design and admin: Susan Banks
  • Content for posters and website: Anita Krajnc, Kimberly Carroll, Lisa Kramer, Twyla Francois, Sylvia Fraser, Lynne Carrington, Mary Fantaske, Lynn Kavanagh, Debbie Fong, and Alex Lockwood
  • Photos & Video: Jo-Anne McArthur (WeAnimals.org), Mercy for Animals Canada, Anita Krajnc, Agnes Cseke,  Hannah Gregus, Vanessa Sarges, Carole Iritz (Toronto Pig Save, Toronto Cow Save, and Toronto Chicken Save)
  • Social Media:  Anita Krajnc, Lisa Kramer, Edina Racz and Nora Livingston. Nora is with Animal Experience International and has been tweeting for iVegan.ca

Thank you to Lisa Kramer, Kimberly Carroll and Helen Prancic for their guidance and direction in getting this campaign off the ground.


Henry Spira was the initial inspiration of this ad campaign when he introduced an ad in New York City that read, “Which do you pet and which do you eat?” campaign (with a picture of a piglet and a kitten nose-to-nose) in the early 1990s. The Vancouver Humane Society, with the help of board member Lisa Kramer, ran the same campaign on the Vancouver bus system with the same photo and a slightly altered byline: “Who do you pet? Who do you eat? Why?” Mercy For Animals had been running ads in the US with that byline for many years.

In Toronto, the “Why love one, but eat the other?” subway campaign first ran in the summer of 2009 after Kimberly Carroll and Lisa Kramer developed an effective ad campaign on Toronto’s transit system to inspire compassion for the animals and encourage a cruelty-free diet. Helen Prancic of ARKII created ad’s graphic design. Although limited in size, this campaign picked up huge buzz and became a hot topic around water coolers, at barbeques, in movie theatres, and all over the media. There were constant reports of people (including whole families) becoming vegetarian and vegan because of the ads, while groups from Hong Kong to St. Catharines to Slovenia asked to run their own versions of the Toronto-originated campaign.

In 2011, Lisa and Kimberly did a Fall 2011 larger run of the campaign. There were one thousand of these ads running in the Toronto subway system in October and November of 2011 and a smaller run continuing into 2012. The Toronto Vegetarian Association came on-board as a supporter of the campaign and a range of individuals donated to the campaign. With the help and passion of a whole community of people concerned about the treatment of animals raised for food, the size of the original campaign was quadrupled.  In 2013 with Mercy For Animals Canada, Kimberly spearheaded a cross-Canada run of the ad series in 7 major cities (Vancouver, Calgary, Saskatoon, Winnipeg, Ottawa, Montreal, and Halifax). In the spring of 2014, this ad series also ran on the Singapore transit system courtesy of the Vegetarian Society of Singapore (see sidebar).